OnFinality, Astar’s Infrastructure Partner

About OnFinality

  • OnFinality’s API Service is free for the Shiden community (within fair usage limits)
  • OnFinality reliable services are already trusted by Polkadot, Kusama, Karura, Moonbeam, Compound Gateway, and others.
  • Built with scalability in mind, OnFinality is serving over 150 million JSON RPC requests to their public API service every day.
  • OnFinality provides a one-click-deploy node service that allows customers to deploy their own Shiden validator and collator nodes in our platform.

Why Astar Chose OnFinality

  • It requires a level of server development expertise that many do not have. A Shiden node, for example, requires knowledge of SSL certificate handling, WebSocket management, firewall configuration, and more to set up, run, and monitor a production node.
  • It’s extremely costly to run a full Shiden node nearly continuously, especially when your traffic is low and inconsistent.
  • Running production-level infrastructure is especially tricky. You need to autoscale quickly to handle bursty traffic, and you want to provide services in different regions around the world to provide low latency services — all of this is incredibly costly, but comes with significant economies of scale for a provider.
  • DevOps requires constant attention — time that would be better spent elsewhere building something.
Free API Service (within fair use limit) for Shiden
One click deploy of dedicated Shiden Full and Collator nodes
A running Shiden Node in OnFinality


  • Support new users enter the Shiden/Astar ecosystem by providing a free API service and one-click-deploy validator or collator nodes.
  • Much-needed redundancy for this important community service.
  • Improve the resiliency of the Shiden network by reducing the load on the current public Astar endpoints and therefore the effort that the core Astar development team is spending on managing this service (so we can focus on bigger things).
  • Help scale existing production applications in the Shiden ecosystem by providing scalable infrastructure services that can be relied on.
  • Assist with the testing of the Shiden network by providing valuable data back to the community on how nodes are running and scaling as the network traffic increases, and what kind of requests are commonly made.

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