Scaling Decentralised Infrastructure

Find out how we scale our mission-critical infrastructure to over 150 million daily API requests

OnFinality mission is to support network and application developers to build the future by providing mission-critical tools and infrastructure services. By far our most popular developer tool is our Enhanced API service.

OnFinality’s backend technical team — these 4 are responsible for managing a platform that serves the world!
  1. Automated Scalability
  2. High Reliability

Global Performance

What this means for us is that wherever you are; whether in Auckland with us, in the jungles of Mozambique, or on the beach in the Bahamas (we wish!), you (and your app’s users) are going to receive the best performance possible.

Automated Scalability

We’ve built our service to scale with our customers, up to any size without any errors and performance degradation. This means at times of extreme stress (e.g. Parity’s outage late April), we’ve been able to automatically (and in a short space of time) provision new compute resources and scale our systems to cope with unprecedented demand.

High Reliability

It is our goal this year to hit 99.9% uptime for our services (excluding downtime caused by network or node image issues). In real terms, that means a maximum downtime of less than 9 hours each year — one night’s worth of downtime and we’ve missed our goal.

Supporting all Polkadot blockchain developers build the web3 future by providing core infrastructure services