OnFinality Providing Free Shared Node Services to Edgeware

The team at OnFinality is proud to announce that we have delivered and implemented public shared node services to the Edgeware community. OnFinality is the leading IaaS (infrastructure as a service) platform providing mission critical infrastructure to the Polkadot ecosystem. We now completely support Edgeware on our platform, allowing free community shared node API endpoints and one-click dedicated node deployments.

Edgeware is an on-chain governed, Nominated Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Smart contract platform. Participants vote, delegate, and fund improvements and upgrades through DAOs, economic mechanisms, cryptographic voting systems, and more in order to develop the network and the surrounding ecosystem. Edgeware emphasises user ownership and true decentralisation through its governance mechanisms and through its unique token distribution mechanism, the lockdrop.

There are three ways that the Edgeware community can access free high performance shared nodes on the OnFinality platform:

1. Directly via the Public API Endpoint

HTTPS: https://edgeware.api.onfinality.io/public

Websocket: wss://edgeware.api.onfinality.io/public-ws

2. Directly via their own Private API Endpoint

3. Through Polkadot.js

Bonus: Dedicated Nodes

Follow our guide to deploy Edgeware Nodes here


If you’re curious then take a look at the requests roll in on our status page! status.onfinality.io


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