OnFinality Empowers Web3 Builders to Deploy Ethereum dApps on Fantom, Faster

3 min readMar 9


OnFinality, a multi-chain infrastructure provider, announces support for Fantom, a high performance EVM compatible smart contract platform.

We are proud to announce support for Fantom, a fast and scalable EVM compatible smart contract platform supporting over 250+ dApps!

OnFinality will provide easy to use, reliable and scalable API endpoints for builders to deploy and run their dApps on Fantom quickly and easily!

“In the last month, we’ve just added BNB Chain and Polygon to our marketplace. We are proud to be adding Fantom to our growing list of EVM compatible networks, empowering both regular crypto users and experienced developers to interact with and build on Fantom even faster!”

— Daniel Vulinovich, Product Manager at OnFinality

What is Fantom? ($FTM)

Fantom is an open source smart contract platform for building highly scalable, fast, and inexpensive Web3 applications.

Users on Fantom can execute transactions almost instantaneously in under one second, and not have to worry about gas fees, with transaction fees at $0.01 or less.

Fantom is EVM compatible, making it simple to port dApps from Ethereum and other blockchains.

Both regular crypto users and experienced developers use Fantom every day to interact with and build DeFi, NFT, and GameFi decentralised applications (dApps).

API Endpoints to Scale Your dApps Faster!

By connecting to Fantom with OnFinality’s API endpoints, builders will be able to:

  • Access the Fantom network quickly in minutes without having to set up or manage infrastructure
  • Enjoy global performance, automated scalability and high availability of up to 99.99% uptime per year!
  • Gain valuable API Insights for you to spot issues on your apps and quickly implement rectifications for a bug-free user experience

We’re providing both public and private endpoints for Fantom (Public endpoints will be heavily rate limited).

For teams looking to take your applications to the next level and ensure that you receive the best performance possible, we highly recommend using an API key. What are the benefits of getting an API key?

Simply sign up to app.onfinality.io to receive your free API key in minutes! Our ‘Free Plan’ comes with 500,000 daily responses for anyone to get started easily.

Fantom Public API Endpoints

* Please note that these endpoints are rate limited and are not run to the same reliability standard as the endpoints that our API key customers benefit from.

Our mission is to support all blockchain teams in the world by providing critical infrastructure so they can focus on their core business. By leveraging OnFinality’s expertise in infrastructure, decentralised application (dApp) teams building on Fantom can now focus on scaling for a global audience.

You may also reach us at sales@onfinality.io to discuss your requirements.

Build Smarter with OnFinality.

About Fantom

Fantom is a consensus-as-a-service (CaaS) platform for the next generation of distributed ledgers.

The team behind Fantom has created a consensus mechanism which is asynchronous and byzantine fault-tolerant (aBFT) by design, meaning it can function in adverse and loosely connected networks. This consensus algorithm, Lachesis, is compatible with both Cosmos SDK and the EVM, allowing builders to deploy their own blockchain platforms or applications with ease.

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About OnFinality

OnFinality is a blockchain infrastructure platform that saves web3 builders time and makes their lives easier. OnFinality delivers scalable API endpoints for the biggest blockchain networks and empowers developers to automatically test, deploy, scale and monitor their own blockchain nodes in minutes. To date, OnFinality has served over 300 billion RPC requests across 70 networks including Avalanche, BNB Chain, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Ethereum, and is continuously expanding these mission-critical services so developers can build the decentralised future, faster!

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OnFinality empowers Web3 developers with easy-to-use, reliable and scalable blockchain infrastructure. Build smarter with onfinality.io