October Recap — Up Only

October by the Numbers

  • Our largest ever day so far, with over 583 million requests in a single day
  • One-click node deployment service goes live
  • 10.65 Billion requests in October over our 22 supported networks
  • At the end of October, a total of 37.4 Billion requests in OnFinality’s lifetime (11 months)
  • We had our first two-day period breaching over 1 Billion requests, with 1.1 Billion between 13–14th October
  • 165.9 terabytes of data egress from OnFinality’s API endpoints, 4 times the previous high in September

October Report

It’s hard not to sound like a broken record as each month we are doing just that — breaking records! Surprise, surprise, October annihilated September which was our previous record by adding another 10 billion API requests! One of our goals is to serve 1 billion requests a day, and we managed 1.1 billion requests over two days for the first time.

We had our highest ever day on the 13th of October with 583.2 million requests in a single 24 hour period due to the latest round of Kusama parachain auctions.

Node Deployment Improvements

OnFinality is pleased to announce our latest version which brings some significant improvements to how our customers can deploy and manage their nodes.

We are proud to introduce our new archive node support. Getting reliable access to the full historic state of the chain is useful for customers that want to build more advanced tools using the full historic chain state. Our one-click archive node deployment gives our customers access to this quickly and easily.

The other significant feature of the latest update was improvements to the Dedicated Note Deployment flow. Specifically, we developed a new UI that helps guide customers on how to deploy nodes step-by-step.

An example of this one-click node deployment service is our partnership with Polkadex which helps their validators focus on building out a community of nominators and maximizing their validator’s profits. This is all made possible by OnFinality’s one-click-deploy node service which in the case of Polkadex, can be explained with this simple walk-through guide.

Looking back to the past

About OnFinality

OnFinality is a SaaS platform that provides infrastructure and developer tools that saves developers hours and allows you to grow with confidence. Our mission is to help blockchain and dApp developers build the decentralised future faster.

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Supporting all Polkadot blockchain developers build the web3 future by providing core infrastructure services

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Supporting all Polkadot blockchain developers build the web3 future by providing core infrastructure services

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