Introducing Rococo Support — Start Testing your Parachain Today

3 min readJan 14, 2021


Today we’re happy to announce that OnFinality supports the Rococo parachain. We’re launching this with our Partners at Acala to help them with their new testnet, but all OnFinality customers can now take advantage of this new network.

What is Rococo?

Rococo is a testnet specifically designed for parachains, where Polkadot is integrated with Cumulus and HRMP (Horizontal Relay-chain Message Passing). With Rococo, parachain developers can:

  • Register a Substrate-based chain as a parachain and message the Relay Chain.
  • Write logic for parachains to send messages to other parachains through the Relay Chain.

OnFinality Support

We’re supporting Rococo in the following four ways:

OnFinality API Service

The API Service allows any developer (from a individual hobbyist to a high performing and growing team) to access free high performance managed shared Rococo nodes at minimal cost so that they can start developing immediately. It expands on our core mission, to support all blockchain developers in the world by providing core infrastructure so they can focus on building the next dApp. Sign up or login now to get your key.

OnFinality Dedicated Nodes

Login to your account at and go to the Dedicated Nodes tab. Rococo V1 is now an option in our supported public networks list. We suggest using the recommended node settings when creating your Rococo node, it’ll take just a few minutes to start up and run once created.

OnFinality CLI

A recent addition to the OnFinality solution, our new CLI tools allow you to quickly create OnFinality nodes using your terminal or other CLI tool. You can follow the instructions here on how to do this, or view our CLI reference documentation here.


You can access our free public Rococo node in Polkadot.js when interacting with the browser based wallet and explorer.

Why Rococo?

The core premise of the Polkadot network is to create a thriving community of developers, users, and businesses that will tap into it’s multichain interoperability, Rococo is the next step of this journey towards calling Polkadot’s codebase feature-complete.

The community is going to need a blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform there to help them get started, we intend to be there ready to help the next generation of blockchain developers create the next big dApp.

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