How DID systems, dApps & DEXes use OnFinality

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OnFinality is a blockchain infrastructure platform that saves web3 builders time and makes their lives easier. We deliver easy-to-use, reliable and scalable API endpoints for the biggest blockchain networks and empower developers to automatically test, deploy, scale and monitor their own blockchain nodes in minutes.

We’ve recently wrapped up our Customer Interview Series where we interviewed leaders in the blockchain space on how OnFinality’s infrastructure is helping them build the decentralised future, faster!

Last week, we published the first part of this 2-part article. You can check it out here.

Whether you’re a dApp, DEX, or a DAO, OnFinality has all the tools to help you focus on your core business and make informed mission-critical decisions!

Read on to find out how some of our customers are using OnFinality and how you can too! 👇

🎙️ Episode 6: Interview with Deepansh S, Co-Founder of Polkadex

What is Polkadex?

Polkadex is a fully decentralised peer-to-peer orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate. It combines the benefits of Centralised Exchanges (CEXes) and Decentralised Exchanges (DEXes) into one, solving the issues that plague CEXes while also tackling current issues in DEXes.

How does Polkadex use OnFinality?

“(For community inclusiveness and) for those subset of users who want to just, you know, one-click deploy the validator and don’t want to go through the 9 yards of spinning their own nodes.”

— Deepansh S, Polkadex

Watch the full interview with Polkadex here ➡

🎙️ Episode 7: Interview with Eliott Teissonniere, Chief Technology Officer at Nodle

What is Nodle?

Nodle is a connectivity provider for the Internet of Things (IoT). It enables any individual to join and grow the Nodle Network with their smartphone and a mobile application. In exchange, participants are rewarded for their contributions through Nodle Cash.

How does Nodle use OnFinality?

“Ultimately we work with OnFinality to create robust node query solving infrastructure, and since then I think we’ve cut off our cost on load hosting by probably 5X to 10X each at the very least.”

— Eliott Teissonniere, Nodle

Watch the full interview with Nodle here ➡

🎙️ Episode 8: Interview with Thibault Perréard, Head of Strategy at Bifrost Finance

What is Bifrost?

Bifrost is a web3 derivatives protocol that provides decentralised cross-chain liquidity for staked assets. By leveraging on the cross-consensus message (XCM) it can provide cross-chain liquid staking services for multiple chains.

How does Bifrost use OnFinality?

“It’s obviously helped us mitigate the barriers of entries in terms of sharing node API and we’ve been able to save costs on the infrastructure side but also on the node expansion side which has been really valuable and in terms of the scalability as well”

— Thibault Perréard, Bifrost Finance

Watch the full interview with Bifrost here ➡

🎙️ Episode 9: Interview with Jonathan Dunne, Co-Founder & Head of Technology at Talisman

What is Talisman?

Talisman is a web3 wallet that unlocks a universe of applications in Polkadot and Ethereum. The Talisman browser extension allows you to safely store, send and receive assets. You can use it to connect to applications across Polkadot and its parachains.

How does Talisman use OnFinality?

“I want to be able to see what’s in my wallet I need to be able to see my balances and see my portfolio so that I can perform those actions and OnFinality actually helps with both of those, pulling your balances and getting chain states”

— Jonathan Dunne, Talisman

Watch the full interview with Talisman here ➡

🎙️ Episode 10: Interview with Teun Habraken, Growth Manager at Litentry

What is Litentry?

Litentry is a decentralised cross-chain identity aggregator that allows user identities to be linked across multiple blockchain networks without compromising on privacy. It aims to provide liquidity, interoperability and consistency to data querying for DeFi, on-chain governance and customised data services.

How does Litentry use OnFinality?

“(OnFinality helps us) optimise our blockchain infrastructure optimise the way we set up nodes and provide the necessary infrastructure to run our parachain (and focus on) our core expertise on privacy preserving infrastructure (while your team focuses on your) core expertise of providing the nodes”

— Teun Habraken, Litentry

Watch the full interview with Litentry here ➡

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OnFinality is a blockchain infrastructure platform that saves web3 builders time and makes their lives easier. OnFinality delivers scalable API endpoints for the biggest blockchain networks and empowers developers to automatically test, deploy, scale and monitor their own blockchain nodes in minutes. To date, OnFinality has served over hundreds of billions of RPC requests across 80 networks including Avalanche, BNB Chain, Cosmos, Polkadot, Ethereum, and Polygon, and is continuously expanding these mission-critical services so developers can build the decentralised future, faster!

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