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3 min readAug 16, 2022

OnFinality, Polkadot’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider, announces new API plans to help you power your dApps and scale up exponentially!

OnFinality’s Enhanced API Service has been serving over 1 Billion JSON RPC requests to its public API service every day across Polkadot and its 99.9% uptime is why most Polkadot parachain teams are relying on it. Leading dApp developers can connect in seconds to enterprise grade endpoints that scale infinitely and rely on archive nodes to provide full history of the chain.

Today we are proud to announce new API endpoint plans to serve you with better features, faster performance, higher reliability, and unmatched scalability.

For teams looking to take your application to the next level and ensure that you receive the best performance possible, we highly recommend moving your traffic off the public endpoint and under an API key. Our ‘Free Plan’ comes with 500,000 daily responses for anyone to get started easily!

What are the benefits of getting an API key?

  • Higher Reliability
    In times of significant load, requests under an API key will be prioritised over requests coming from the public endpoint
  • Higher Rate Limits
    Some plans even have unlimited daily responses without rate limits allowing you to scale elastically with your network!
  • API Insights
    Access to powerful analytics for you to better understand the behaviour of your users, so you can optimise and improve your dApp

To access the new API plans, login to the OnFinality app and select ‘Plan & Payment’ under your ‘Workspace Settings’.

Alternatively, get in touch with us at to discuss how we can best support you in building the next big dApp or network!

“It’s always been OnFinality’s goal to provide teams with the infrastructural support they need so they can start building for a global audience from day one. Working with the best teams on Polkadot have helped us hone our service offerings to know just what teams need to scale efficiently.”

— Gary Cashman, Head of Customer Success

OnFinality is already supporting the largest projects on Polkadot, including Acala, Astar, Moonbeam and are constantly working to enhance and expand our service offerings with new features and more supported networks.

In the past two months alone, we added two significant features — Multi-Apps and API Insights as well as complete API Support for all chains on Avalanche!

What’s next?

Our mission is to support all blockchain teams in the world by providing mission critical, reliable and scalable infrastructure so that you and your dev teams can focus 100% on building.

Look forward to further integrations on parallel Layer-1 ecosystems as we work toward supporting as many chains on as many networks as possible in a move toward paving the way for a multi-chain future.

Build Smarter with OnFinality.

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