August Recap — 18 Billion Requests

August by the Numbers

  • Our largest ever day so far, with over 350 million requests in a single day.

August Report

Firstly, we’ve been completely successful on our main goal this quarter, to be launch partners with every single parachain. From the first block, OnFinality has provided RPC endpoints (and in many cases boot nodes) to Karura, Moonriver, Shiden, Phala, and Bifrost.

Towards the end of August the activity to our service really picked up. As you can see in the graph below, the announcement of new parachain auctions on the 19th marked the start of a steady increase in traffic.

On the final day of August we had our largest ever day so far, with over 350 million requests in a single day — that’s an insane 4,000 requests each second.

Our new Rebrand

We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to completely update our entire brand. It now has brighter colours to reflect the exciting future of OnFinality and the blockchain industry. Our traditional blue has been replaced with a deeper shade that is more vibrant and bold. Hints of green have been introduced to represent the growth that we help each of our customers achieve.

Our new design better demonstrates our brand identity and modernises the overall interface. We’ve put a lot of attention into our onboarding pages to make a strong first impression and to provide a more engaging product experience” — Cassie Wang, UX Designer at OnFinality

Looking back to the past

Since we launched our API service, we can look back at two three events that forced us to rapidly scale

  1. Parity’s downtime on April 21st: All infrastructure providers (including us) experience downtime of one form or another. This event massively increased our usage as the ecosystem realised that there were third parties providing public RPC endpoints

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